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17 Des 2011 | 01.10 | 0Comment

Hi readers!

I just arrived from the Mall with my friends, Dinda,Qisthi, Atik, and Egi. First, I went to school at 9 am. Because the exam has passed, we're free to go to school whenever we want. Also, many my friends is not come today. We don't know, what must we do there. Maybe, the exam's result will be given by the teacher. Damn yeaaaah, I DON'T WANT TO SEE MY EXAM'S RESULT ! 

It must be the WORST, WORST, WORST result EVER ! :(

Okay. After I arrived, I met Dinda and Egi. We bought some drinks and sat in the canteen. Few minutes later, Atik and Qisthi came and we planned to go to the Mall. So, after that we took the motorcycle and drove away.

We walked to the cloth store and I've found the outfits that I wanted. The YELLOW BLAZER and POLKA DOTS dress! So I took it to the cashier and paid for it. Also my friend, Atik bought a new knitted cardigan. The price is rather expensive, but the things are really awsome!

And we visited the other store. I want to buy annother cloth that I've found in the store. But it make me looked fat. Oh yeah, Dinda bought a new chick dress. The colors are red and black. Qisthi and Atik bought the same dress too! But Qisthi's dress is black, and Atik's dress is dark blue. But Egi didn't buy anything.

Oh and then, I wanna buy a cute YELLOW shoes! I don't know why I'm so obssesed to buy some yellow outfits. And you know, my lil sister doesn't like yellow, if she look at a yellow thing, she will get wamble :p

And the last is, a photo of me and my new dress :

Next time, I will post  some photos with these outfits too! Because I have no idea to mix and match it now.

See you next time guys!


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