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14 Des 2011 | 00.38 | 0Comment

Hello visitors !

I really really so damn HAPPY now ! Why? Because the exams are ALMOST DONE ! There're only 2 days left. And the science subjects has passed. For tomorrow, I will have religion and deutsch exams. And for friday, I will have ICT exam.

Well, I've been frustated by the science subjects. It's hard to be a student in science class. Dinas pendidikan mengadakan ulangan bersama buat sekolah RSBI. Soalnya susaaaaaaah ! Bayangin, 6 mata pelajaran MIPA pake LJK. Nama gue juga panjang banget. Mesti isi ini itu. Buang-buang waktu banget tau ngga ! :((

This day is the last day of science subject exams. Goodbye LJK ! But, I am not ready for my scores. I bet, I will have a bad scores in these lessons :

And then my face will become like this :
"Hahaha I don't care" *but actually I'll cry :(*

But I'm happy and so proud, because I HAVE PAST THEM. So my face became like this :

But I hope I don't get bad scores, because my expression will become this :

Bad scores? Forgive me Mom, pleaaaseeeeeeeee ! :(

Okay, maybe I must give some rewards to my self. So I will blogging with much time, hell yeaaaah ! Oh you know, after the Math exam last morning, all of my friends are very mad! Because the time to solve the questions isn't enough. Banyak banget soal yang belum gue jawab. Terpaksa melingkar indah :(

Dan banyak temen-temen gue yang ngomong "kata-kata kebun binantang"nya. Haha, emang ngeselin sih, waktunya habis cuma buat ngisi LJK. Gue aja hampir mau nangis :(

I think it's enough friends !

See you next time :)


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