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Wish and Want
12 Des 2011 | 01.04 | 2Comment

Hello visitors ;)

I'm back with my new post. Now, I'll share about my wishes. Okay, first I really really bad WANT THIS
Why? Because I really love photography. I was feel so envy when I saw people who brought DSLR Camera to the school (in a special event off course). But, I don't have enough money to buy that camera. My mother said, she will buy it to me if she have much money. But, WHEN?

So, I always save my money from now. But, the price is SO EXPENSIVE! The cheapest are about 4.000.000 until 5.000.000 Rupiah. In a week, my mother give me 70.000 Rupiah. If I save 50.000 Rupiah per weeks, so how long I will save the money? 

Bzzzzzzzzzzzz, I don't know, I'm too lazy to count :p But beside that. I want to buy more clothes and the other fashion stuffs. And now I feel so confuse, what must I choose? Saving money to buy DSLR Camera? Or to buy new clothes?

Okay, see you next time! Keep in touch :*


Blogger AnishArisa mengatakan...

Kaaak! Aku ngidem kamera! Tpi aku mah LSR, bkn yg DLSR, tapi... sama kak... disuruh nabung... Uang jajanku 30.000/hari. Itu pake lunch di skool. kpn sampenya yak?? T^T

Blogger Agnia Gama Priviyanti mengatakan...

30.000 per hari mah banyak de,aku cuma 70.000 per minggu mencakup uang bensin :p yaaah 10.000/hari lah T____T kapan kesampean ya ? :'0


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