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12 Des 2011 | 00.23 | 0Comment

Hello bloggers! It's my first time I write on this blog. Because it is the first time, I bet you don't know about me ;)

My name is Agnia Gama Priviyanti. People usually call me AGI. I lived in Indonesia, exactly in Lombok Island.  I'm 16 years old girl and now I studied in Senior High School. Now, I'm in second years in high school, or eleventh grade.

Actually, I'm having an exam since last friday. Yeaaah, there're 4 days left and then FREEDOM. Maybe I'll fail most of the subjects. Especially PHYSICS! Hell yeaaaah, I don't like physics. It's too DIFFICULT to me. But I still hope will get a good score. I don't want if my mother get mad and yell at me. What will happen with my ears then? -______-

Uuuuumh, what else? I think it's enough. I will study for the CHEMISTRY test tomorrow. Wish me luck!

And see you next time


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