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Goodbye Exam
15 Des 2011 | 23.38 | 0Comment


The exam is OVER! Hell yeah I'm so satiesfied today. And then, my friends and I decided to go to the Mall after school. They are Marwah and Atik. I've planned to buy some fashion outfits there.

I seen such a cute, yellow, and polka dots dress! I don't know, but I really exited with some polka dots and vintage outfits. I wanna buy that dress but I didn't bring enough money! So, I will come to the mall tomorrow to buy it, and I hope that dress won't taken by someone :(

And then we decided to go to the KFC. Our stomach was growling and really really starved. But, we didn't buy the drinks in the KFC, because it's to EXPENSIVE! We buy an ice tea only 2500 Rupiah :p So, we don't need to waste much money (don't try this. It's too embrassing!)

After we gotta meal, the waitress gave me a questionnaire paper, we should fill it. It's about our identity and what we think about KFC's service.

But, we wanna annoy them, and then we wrote it with UNTRUE information! Kita juga ngisi tulisan-tulisan 4LaY, hahaha check it out.

My questionnaire:

Name: Sri Kanjeng Rohadiah Ajeng Ayu
No. Hp: Berapa yaach
E-mail: njeng_luphluph@yahoo.com
Date: December 16th 2011
Comment: Jheng peNgenD ayam oRienTaL beNtonya di bAnyaKin. Jheng jugHa lagy ga adHa uang, pengEnd dech adhA paketzz bWat peLajar!! Supaya kiTa seRing kesini

Marwah's questionnaire:

Name: Albarto Fernando Sumanto Sajo
No.Hp: Ambo indak punya HP :(
E-mail: Oooooooo@yahoo.com
Date: December 16th 2011
Comment: Sayo suko tampilannyo soalnyo dingino sekaloo. Amano, terangnyo. Tapo antriannyo bikin galooooooww. Sakit kepalo ambooooo!

Atik's quistionnaire

Name: Juminten
No.HP: taNya sama baNg tOyiB :*
E-mail: jumintenslalumerana@yahoo.com
Date: December 16th 2011
Comment: juMin sukHa paHa ayAm, besarin duMss paHanxaaa? Adain dunKs paKet ekoNomis 3000an gituuuchh. juMin gag punxaa uaNg T____T by: juMin cHayaNg baNg Toyib.

Such a HILLARIOUS! I'm tired of laughing because of them. And then, the waitress wanna take the questionnaires, but we said it isn't finish yet! Actually, we lie. We must being embrass if the waitress read the questionnaires, it's so 4Lay :D

See you next time guys,


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